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Costs and fees.

Useful Information


  1. Who can join the club?

    Anyone. There are no restrictions to membership. We only ask that if you are unsure of your physical wellbeing that you get the approval from your GP first.

  2. Do I have to pay for membership?

    No. Membership to the club is free. BUT there is an annual membersip that is paid to our governing body (British Gymnastics) Please enquire separately as this fee differs to individuals.

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Costs and fees.

  1. How do I pay?

    Fees are paid at the start of each term. This can be made by either cash or cheque. 

  2. Do I need insurance?

    YES. All members require their own insurance that is renewed yearly. You may already have this if you are a member of BG. Please ask for more details on application.

  3. When do I pay?

    For those signed on for a term, the term fees are up front. Gymnasts cannot take part in activities until payment is made.

    For single sessions then payment can be made at the start of the session.

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My Trampoline Session.

  1. What will I learn?

    Whether you are a complete beginner or have jumped before, you will always have something to learn. We teach both recreational and competative trampolining.

  2. How long do I get taught for?

    Sessions are one hour long and numbers are limited to five jumpers per "bed". Every effort is taken to assure equal time on the trampoline but this may vary occassionaly depending on individuals and moves being taught. If you are of an inquisitive nature you will get taught for a whole hour!

  3. Can I attend more than one session?

    YES. Many of our members attend more than one session a week. In fact, your hourly rate is discounted for multiple attendance.

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Useful Information

  1. What is the Club Constitution ?

    The club constitution contains club rules, regulations and guidelines for a safe and fair operation of the club.

    You can download a copy from Here

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