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Huntingdon's Trampoline Club.

Term Dates

Please review the Calender for Term Dates and events.

Term Sessions

Monday 9:30-10:30 am

Monday 5-8 pm

Tuesday 5-8 pm

Wednesday 5-8 pm

Thursday 5-8 pm

Friday 5-8 pm

Saturday 9-11 pm 

                                                Saturday 11-2 pm
                                                  Saturday 2-4 pm


All ages and abilities

All ages and abilities

All ages and abilities

Elite Training

All ages and abilities

All ages and abilities

Elite Training

Term dates and times are listed here.

If interested in attending please contact Paul or Sonia for availability and session prices.

Fees are due first week of term.

Note: You will not be allowed to bounce until Term fees are paid.

For those attending Term sessions it is also compulsory to be a British Gymnastics member. This lasts for the whole year and is also due at the beginning of October and can be purchased and maintained on the British Gymnastics website.

New Tumble Class (Temporarily Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Guidelines)

Come join us in our new new tumble class with use of trampolines, tumble tracks, trampettes, foam pit and much more! Our new 2-hour session is packed with all sorts of trampolining and gymnastics. Whether you want to learn new skills or improve on current ones this is the perfect opportunity for you! The session is being held at 2pm on Saturdays. Enquire for more information!

Mini Movers - Pre-School Play Sessions (Temporarily Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Guidelines)

Come along and join us at Rotations for a pre-school play session. Children will be using the Foam Pit, tumble track, slides, soft play equipment and much more.

Join us every 

Monday 9:30-10:30am 


SENCE is an education and day service for people with a dual and single sensory impairment with additional learning disabilities. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for those attending the day service to experience movement on a trampoline. There are two session one on Thursday and Friday from 10.30 -12 noon.

If you are interested please contact Sonia who can provide further details or go to their web site SENCE UK


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